About Us

Co-founded in 1997 by entrepreneur Roland Pott, Trenton Makes ® Inc., headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey, is a leading developer of commercial and mixed use properties and a catalyst for the revitalization and sustainability of thriving neighborhoods.

Responding to a critical need to support the greater Trenton arts scene, Trenton Makes launched the Urban Word Café, a dynamic venue where artists, musicians, poets, and the cultural community could gather and be showcased.  The café operated from 1999 to 2003 and continues to flourish today as a restaurant, owned by Urban Word, LLLC, called Trenton Social. Trenton Social features fine food and drinks, as well as art shows by local artists and special events.

Motivated by the high-profile success of the Urban Word Café, Trenton Makes expanded in 2001, opening Conduit, a state-of-the-art music club, which featured a hip design and a great vibe. Aptly named after the electric piping once sold out of its roomy industrial space, Conduit emerged as a focal point of the arts in Central New Jersey. In 2011, responding to the neighborhoods interests and the market for high-tech recording and video production, Trenton Makes leased the Conduit space to Front Row Seat Productions, LLC.

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Trenton Makes ®, Inc.
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Today, Trenton Makes concentrates its work on developing and executing innovative urban redevelopment projects. By linking its projects and businesses to arts, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, restaurants, and targeted retail, the company revitalizes neighborhoods, creating economic opportunities for its customers and investors.


Trenton Makes completed work at 118 South Warren Street, a historic property that lay dormant for years. Today, the 5,000 square foot mixed-use, three-story masonry and frame building is set amongst a resurgent downtown area, just steps away from the $30 million Wyndham Hotel..

Currently, inspired by the bustling commercial corridor of South Broad Street that borders Chambersburg as well as South Trenton, Trenton Makes is developing Sterling Building, a 5600 SF commercial property at 811 South Broad Street, that will be leased to a retailer that can provide a vital service to the growing population in the immediate area.

Trenton Makes continues to invest in the planning and development of the Clinton Lofts project , a 22 unit residential property near the Trenton Transit Center, recently having received final site plan approval from the Trenton Planning board.

Trenton Makes is managed by President, Roland Pott, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the growing, privately held company. Roland Pott and the Trenton Makes team are proud of the company’s successes and look forward to working with community partners and members to realize future successes.